A full day of reunited bands from long ago

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity is Coming


It’s a Multi-Band Reunion!


Together in one Giant Music Festival

Coming July 20, 2014 to the Carlisle Fairgrounds





We are currently organizing a large music festival to be held on July 20, 2014. It will feature several of Pennsylvania’s best known bands from back in the 20th Century. (That is, bands that are no longer together.) We are reuniting once-popular bands from that era to perform live for this festival audience. This all-day commemorative celebration will showcase much of our area’s finest talent from years gone by.


Central Pennsylvania has always had a strong live music culture. Our local and regional bands have always had to get tough and work hard in order to survive the intense competition. That’s why some of the greatest bands of all time have come from right here in Central Pa. We are handpicking the cream-of-the-crop from years gone by to perform for this community gala.


Bring your kids. Bring your lawn chairs or blanket. Let us take you back to a day in the 20th Century. Come enjoy the bands you’ve once followed and known so well. If you are too young to remember the 70′s, 80′s, or 90′s, this will be your only opportunity to witness some of the great local talent from that time period.


The show will include many genres of music. We will be presenting bands that had originated long ago in Central Pennsylvania, had a strong following of fans at the time, and have not been together or performing anywhere for several years. (BTW, If you know of a band or band member who may be interested in participating, please share this website with them. See the Band page for more information on how to apply.)


Now, go and spread the news. (Well, ok, look around first. Then go spread the news.)


We do have several bands interested in reuniting for this festival, however, more are needed. Some of those older bands are extremely difficult to reach. Here is something you can do that would be a huge help in reaching out to those lost band members.


  • Click the link below to go to our facebook festival page. (log in, if not already)
  • Click the “Like” button on that page.
  • Click the “Invite” button, choose all of your friends, then send.


This simple task may be the only lead that reaches a key band member to let them know about the event. It will bring them to this site where they can apply. Even if you don’t know any band members directly, your fb invites may connect to someone who does. This is so easy to do and you’ll sleep better knowing that you helped to pull it all together. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.


Pa Reunion Festival 2014


Info to Remember

A Multi-Band Reunion
Sunday, July 20, 2014
Carlisle Fairgrounds
11 am - 9 pm

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